Surfing, Colorado style!

Colorado surfing
A new renovation project is bringing surfable waves to Colorado's South Platte River.

(KUSA) No ocean? No problem. Just in time for summer, a new Colorado surf spot will let you ride waves on the South Platte River.

The first phase of the publicly funded South Platte River Run Project, including man-made surf waves, will be complete in July.

Project Engineer Ben Nielsen learned to surf as a college student in California and brought that love of riding ocean waves to Colorado. He works for Merrick and Company, a design group that engineers and designs open channel hydraulics and recreational whitewater.

He said he is among a small group of Colorado surfers who find the few spots along the South Platte River big enough to board.

“You ride on a surf board just like you would in the ocean. I think the biggest difference is, in the ocean you’re actually moving with the wave; in the river the wave is stationary,” he said.

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