SNL season over until just before the election

Gone until the new season starts before Election Day

(CNN) – This weekend was the season finale of Saturday Night Live. That means a long break in SNL’s parodies of the presidential candidates, by some of the best impersonators in the business.

Better savor it, because you’re going to have to endure most of the rest of the election season without your SNL fix.

Just when Kate McKinnon has nailed her Hillary, and 60-year-old Darrell Hammond has made a comeback as the Donald, and Larry David manages to be himself and Bernie at the same time.

What we’ll be lacking is SNL. No Larry? No Kate? No Darrell? The 3 stooges of SNL political impersonation gone?

Gone until the new season starts, a mere month or so before Election Day.

No more dancing candidates. No more re-enactments of Hillary’s metro card fail. No more crawling over the turnstile. And no more candidates themselves trying to be funny…or pretending to be president.

Who could forget Val the bartender? McKinnon told Time the skit was “the greatest day of my life”, while Hillary tweeted “a vote for Hillary is a vote for four more years of Kate McKinnon’s impression.”

As for Darrell Hammond, when he returns next season he’ll be playing both the Republican nominee and the aspiring first spouse.

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