Parents push for abuse charges

Jacob Marbury
Oregon parents say a court ruling is preventing felony charges against the babysitter that admits to striking their 1-year-old son.

(KGW) A Sherwood, Oregon family is expressing frustration through social media at what they say is abuse to their 1-year-old child. And that movement has attracted thousands of supporters online.

In a extensive post to Facebook recently, Joshua Marbury shared pictures of his son, Jacob, that showed bruises on the child’s face.

According to the parents, the abuse happened in March when they were out on a date. When they returned home after being away for two hours, they found their babysitter asleep on a couch and Jacob crying. In the morning, they noticed the boy had a black eye, as well as bruising and scratches on his face.

Marbury said that an Oregon court ruling is blocking the alleged abuser, the child’s babysitter, from facing criminal charges.

According to court language, in order to prove felony abuse of a child, prosecutors must show that the child had “substantial pain” and incurred a “physical injury.” An obstacle can arise for children who are too young to explain their injuries or even describe what happened, as would be the case with a 1-year-old.

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