Parents petition to remove elementary school principal

McSweeney: “The well has been poisoned and there's no going back”

Jim McSweeney rode his horse to the school with a "Larkin Must Go" sign

CHERSTERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Jim McSweeney of Chesterfield started a petition on MoveOn.Org for the immediate removal of the New Hingham Regional Elementary School Principal Rosemary Larkin.

The petition received about 50 signatures, from residents and parents in the area; “And what the administration did is essentially denied it even existed, they didn’t even really acknowledge it,” said McSweeney.

So a couple days later, McSweeney rode his horse to the school with a “Larkin Must Go” sign. He said, “I took the radical step of going up to the school on my horse and then got off and stood in front of the school with the sign, and the school so panicked, they called the fire department, the State Police, the local police, the superintendent, and apparently 22News showed up.”

The school had discussed the petition in May. The School Committee, Council, and staff met with parents Monday night to discuss the specific issues that this petition is trying to point out, including communication, accountability and parent involvement.

Hampshire Regional School District Superintendent, Dr. Craig Jurgensen, told 22News, “I want to say that I fully support Principal Larkin. She is a very proficient hard working principal who wants nothing but the best for the students and staff at Chesterfield-Goshen.”

Superintendent Jurgensen said that resident’s voices will be heard; “We are in a small town. Some people feel very strongly about their schools, and they like to be involved. I think that they want to be heard and we’re looking to see how we can make sure that they are heard in ways that they need to be heard.”

The school sent out a response feedback form for parents that didn’t make the meeting.

McSweeney said this petition isn’t going away, and the Superintendent said future meetings will be held.

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