Major questions still surrounding Egypt Air Flight Crash

The clock is ticking for investigators to find the plane's black boxes

(CNN) – Authorities are still looking for clues as to what caused Egypt-air flight 8-0-4 to crash. So far, investigators found human remains at the site. They’re now testing those remains to identify the victims, but families still want the truth about what happened and are wondering if they’ll ever get their answer.

As search and rescue crews pull more human remains and debris from the Mediterranean Sea, there are conflicting reports about whether there was an explosion on board. Some news agencies have reported the small size of the body parts recovered indicate an explosion took place, but airline officials tell CNN that’s just speculation.

Ahmed Adel, Vice Chairman of Egyptair, said, “These speculations and theories most of the time come out very early and it’s in the sudden shock phase where everyone is very anxious.”

Some experts agree such as Peter Goelz, CNN Aviation Analyst, “It’s been described that none of the pieces of human remains were bigger than the size of a human hand. You cannot tell from that. The impact of the plane crash from 37,000 feet, just the physical force is unimaginable.” Egyptian officials are working to match DNA samples from the victims’ families with the remains recovered.

Another major question, did Egyptair flight 804 make a dramatic swerve in its final moments? Greece’s defense minister says the aircraft swerved “90 degrees left and then 360 degrees” before plunging dramatically, but Egypt’s national air navigation services refutes that. Saying the plane did not swerve or lose altitude before it disappeared from radar.

Goelz goes on to say, “In terms of Greece, their radar was probably at the outer limits of its effectiveness. My guess is the Egyptians have more than one radar track on this plane.”

Meantime the clock is ticking for investigators to find the plane’s black boxes. The batteries are expected to expire in a matter of weeks. The two recorders hold a treasure trove of information that could explain exactly what happened and how the pilots responded.

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