Expanding broadband service to Montague & Hardwick

Comcast & Matrix-Tech Solutions are candidates to bring service

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Broadband Institute hosted a public meeting at UMass Amherst on Tuesday to discuss expanding service to Montague and Hardwick.

MBI is responsible for distributing state funding to expand high speed internet. Comcast and Matrix-Tech Solutions of New Jersey are the 2 candidates to bring that service.

Broadband Committee Chairman Kevin Hart is concerned Montague has reached a standstill in expanding service to the town. He said, “In other parts of the state, cell service is available and utilized for internet access. We in Montague and Hardwick don’t even have cell service.”

Governor Charlie Baker last February committed to invest $50-million into broadband expansion.

Renewed hope for hilltown homes with no or slow internet

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