Caught on Camera: Woman almost hits deputy

The suspect could face 45-years in prison

(CNN) – On a sunny, Sunday morning, two Milwaukee County sheriff deputies stopped a car for speeding on I-43 near Loomis Road. The driver’s license was suspended so deputies called a tow truck.

Exclusive dash cam video shows the passenger out of the car with deputies nearby, when all of a sudden, danger strikes. The driver backs up, slams into the squad car, and speeds off.

In the video, one of the deputies falls and rolls into oncoming traffic, while another grabs and holds onto the door. Meanwhile, the passenger is knocked into the concrete wall, unable to get up from the force.

The horrifying situation is immediately radioed in to dispatch. A backup squad also catches the crash on camera.

Drivers have slowed down, but some don’t even move over, putting a defenseless law enforcement officer in more danger. This is why authorities strongly enforce the move over law.

One of the deputies is seen running to his car, checking his own injuries, before speeding off to catch the driver, 23-year-old Kelvina Freeman. Freeman was caught by police just days later, with multiple felony and misdemeanor charges pending.

What would’ve been a ticket and fine, could now be a 45 year prison sentence.

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