Bizarre food trends have stuck fast food joints

In one case, you can sit in a sauna while enjoying a whopper

(CNN) – It’s happened to Joey on the show “Friends;” “Here come the meat sweats.” A Burger King in Finland may have a solution, and it’s focused on making you sweat.

A sauna, that’s right, you can enjoy a meal as flame-grilled as your skin. Spread out on the blue and red benches in the sauna, or cover yourself in a Burger King robe.

There’s also a lounge with a TV and gaming facility, just in case you need to relax while noshing on those fries. If you can’t even think about getting up to stand in line, this Burger King has servers to visit the sauna to take your order.

It’s happening at a restaurant in London, and already 32,000 people want the naked food experience. It’s just one of a couple of interesting marketing moves made by fast food joints.

Remember 2 years ago when KFC advertised the chicken corsage. Just in case you wanted prom with a side of poultry. This month KFC graced us with edible nail polish; there’s two flavors, hot and spicy, and original recipe.

Now that’s finger lickin good.

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