Governor Baker delivers 177th Westfield State University Commencement Speech

1100 students graduated from Westfield State University Saturday

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Westfield State University’s class of 2016 graduated Saturday. Governor Charlie Baker delivered the 177th commencement address.

Students across the country are graduating with more debt than ever: Something most of these students will have to deal with. “I think people need to be self conscious about what university they want to attend. The main reason I chose Westfield State is because the cost is perfect and the benefits are great,” said graduate Ryan Losco.

Westfield State University President Ramon Torrechilha told 22News, the education at the university is unmatched, especially when you consider the cost. “Westfield State is very affordable institution. Tuition and fees is less than 9000 per year. So when you think nationally, Westfield State is still a very good price for the education they’re getting.”

Public colleges for residents cost more than $9400 and private college can be more than $32,000. Many of these students depend on financial aid.

Westfield State University President Ramon Torrecilha told 22News, 1100 students are graduating today and the vast majority of them are from Massachusetts, which means, once they are employed, the training they learned at Westfield, will stay right here in New England.

The governor told students five things he wished someone told him. Don’t be afraid to fail. Second, your first job won’t be your last. He joked about having several jobs, including, one as a sports writer, which the Governor said, he wished worked out. Governor Baker also urged students to marry someone who compliments you and praised his wife for her support. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. And don’t settle for average. Always strive to do your best.

The average college student is graduating with more than $37,000 in debt.

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