What would kids do if they found a gun?

(CNN) – What would your kids do if they were playing and found a gun?

We hid a non-working but very realistic looking BB gun in some toys. With parents watching through a two-way mirror and cameras rolling, we wanted to see what would happen.

Eight-year-old Maverick found the gun and immediately came and found the nearest grown-up.

“What do you think all kids need to know about guns?”

“Whenever you find it you should bring it to an older person or someone you know,” said 8-year-old Maverick.

In our second group of children, the gun wasn’t found quickly, but when it was, one little boy named Braxton was nervous. His 8-year-old sister, Grace, grabbed the gun and pointed it at her face. Distressing for her mom Wendy who was looking on behind that glass.

“We have a gun, but they don’t know it,” said Wendy Schroeppel, Grace and Braxton’s Mom

“We need to talk about it now, I never thought we did, but now we do,” said Bud Schroeppel, Grace and Braxton’s Dad.

The youngest participant, two-and-a-half-year-old Will, who was in the room for less than a minute, would provide the most eye-opening moment.

While in the room with 5-year-old Hadley, will comes across the gun in a bin of Legos. Hadley instantly worries. Gets up and leaves and comes to get me. Even though I knew what was happening, it was still unnerving to see a child with a pacifier in his mouth pointing a gun at me.

And it wasn’t over yet. After I had taken the gun from Will and was thanking Hadley for doing the right thing by coming to get me, this happened, “Oh, really! You put your finger right on the trigger!”

Will’s mom and dad, Casandra and Mike Patterson saw it and realized it was time for a talk.

Casandra said, “It gave me an eye opener about wanting to educate him because he knew exactly what to do with it, even though he hasn’t been around guns. Just the little bit he’s seen on TV or… he just knew exactly what he needs to do, we definitely need to educate and I”ve asked him since then, ‘What do you do when you have a gun?’ and he says (making trigger motion) like that, ‘Shoot’. I said ‘No you bring it to mommy.'”

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