Veterans Treatment Court formal opening in Holyoke

The court meets on Wednesday afternoons

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A new court formally opened Friday in Holyoke.

“My heroin use, it was crippling, It caught up with me in more ways than one,” said Jeremy Bachi from the Leeds VA Medical Center.

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The treatment court provides necessary services to veterans struggling to regain stability in their lives.Jeremy Bach is one of 17 troubled veterans being helped by the Veterans Treatment Court at the Holyoke war memorial building. The 17 veterans attended the formal opening of the treatment court Friday afternoon.

“The program has rescued me from being incarcerated and keeping me out of trouble and it inspires other veterans because we are a brotherhood,” said Thomas Baldwin from the Leeds VA Medical Center.

Joanna Montalvo has been dealing with a drug addiction, and she’s been in the program since its launch months ago, “it really got worse when I started using. I’m an addict and I got in trouble with the law, there was a warrant for my arrest and the program saved my life.”

Most of the 17 veterans enrolled in the treatment court system live in transitional housing at the Leeds VA Medical Center in Northampton.

Friday’s formal opening of the Veterans Treatment Court was the first opportunity to share its stories of success with the public. The court meets on Wednesday afternoons with men and women they’re helping get back on their feet.

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