TSA continues to apologize for the growing lines at airports

Travelers are frustrated with TSA with the long lines at airports.


WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – With the lines at airports growing, travelers across America are getting increasingly frustrated with TSA.

TSA is apologizing as the lines continue to grow. At Bradley International Airport on Friday morning lines are are getting longer, but it is not as bad as they’ve been in recent days.

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey sent a letter to the U.S. Airline Executives asking them to stop charging bag fees during the summer a week ago. They thought less people would bring on bags if there were no baggage fees, but now people are responding saying it’s TSA’s responsibility to keep these lines moving.

On frequent flyer, Chris Solomine of Nashville, TN., told 22News there a lot that TSA needs to change and fast.

“It doesn’t seem like TSA does a very good job of positioning their people where they need to be. Sometimes I’ve seen the non-PreCheck line be shorter than the PreCheck line because no one is telling people what to do. I’ve seen some long lines, I’ve seen some very unhappy people. I’ve seen just not a very good situation and a lot of disorganization.””

In Chicago, one of the worlds largest airports, the lines have become so long that they need to send immediate relief by adding an additional 58 officers and 5 canine teams. TSA been has been blamed in inadequate staffing and equipment.

Another frequent flyer, Mark Perrault of Connecticut, told 22News that he has also noticed long lines at airports are a trend across the country.

“I do travel a lot and I have PreCheck so I don’t have the issue with the lines usually, but I do notice the lines in some cases especially in the morning that the lines have gotten a little longer.”

TSA does plan on hiring an additional 768 security officers, but many travelers say that is not enough.

These problems with long lines come just as we enter what is expected to be one of the busiest summers for travel on record.

If you are flying out of Bradley Friday morning and give yourself the recommended 2 hours. You should be able to get through without a problem.

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