Reducing the stress of TSA lines

(CNN) – Across social media and elsewhere many travelers are fed up with long, tedious security lines at U.S. airports.

“One lady goes make two lines, and I go where’s the second line and she looks at me like this you know, it’s like horrible customer service,” said Dan McCrobie.

Well here are some tips to reduce your mental stress when it’s your turn with the TSA:

  • Arrive early:  So this one at this point is probably obvious, but showing up safely early will ease your concerns and in the process ease your stress.
  • Be productive:  Get some work done or watch a movie that you have loaded onto your mobile device before you left home.
  • Chill out:  You can always decompress at a private lounge found at many airports.  For a yearly cost or a day rate you can find a little oasis from the masses.  Some facilities now even have spas with massage therapists.
  • Zen out: Relax and get in touch with your spiritual side at your airport’s chapel.  It’s quiet in fact most of the time electronic devices are banned and no flight announcements either.

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