Girlfriend torches boyfriend’s car for cheating

She says she got the idea to burn the car from a music video

(CNN) – A Maryland woman torched her ex-boyfriend’s brand new car because she says he cheated on her. You could call it burning love.

Unidentified ex-boyfriend: “I was really shocked.”

But not the sort anyone longs for.

Unidentified ex-boyfriend: “It was just like a nightmare, ya know.”

Last week this Germantown man was taking out the trash when he saw orange flames pouring from his Chevy Malibu parked outside. The man frantically tried dumping a pot of water on his car to no avail.

Unidentified ex-boyfriend: “I was already shaking, and in a state of disbelief at that point.”

Disbelief because the man says he saw his ex-girlfriend 18-year-old Hopesy Henriquez of Clarksburg — standing beside the inferno admitting to torching her ex’s brand new 29-thousand-dollar ride.

Unidentified ex-boyfriend: “I honestly did not think she was going to do something like this, I don’t care how mad you are. You don’t set someone’s car on fire, no matter what the situation is.”

Police arrested Henriquez who they say scornfully blurted out “I set his car on fire because he cheated on me. I hope he never forgets it.”

Unidentified ex-boyfriend: “Like she was proud of it.”

This man is now living in auto insurance purgatory and genuinely concerned for his ex.

Unidentified ex-boyfriend: “Honestly I just want her to go to psychiatric evaluation to see where her state of mind is right now.”

Henriquez is facing arson and other charges that can put her in prison for up to 28-years. She says she got the idea to burn the car from a music video.

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