Drugs found during traffic stop in Westfield

Timothy Kasuba
Timothy Kasuba (Photo courtesy: The Westfield News)

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A Lanesborough, Mass. man was arrested Wednesday evening after police found heroin in his vehicle and his pockets following a traffic stop.

Police arrested Timothy Kasuba, of 174 Balance Rock Road Lanesborough, Mass., on Southampton Road at Egleston Road, on charges of class A drug possession and class A drug possession with an intent to distribute. Officer Timothy Fanion’s report noted that he found 300 bags of heroin in the vehicle Kasuba was driving after he pulled him over for a traffic violation. In addition to the drugs found in the car, Fanion’s report noted that Kasuba had an additional 23 bags of heroin in his pocket.

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According to the report, Fanion initially stopped Kasuba after he witnessed him traveling in and out of the breakdown lane. During the stop, the report said that the suspect was observed reaching into the center console in the vehicle.

In the report it was said that Fanion, upon observing the suspect reach for the center console, proceeded to direct Kasuba out of the vehicle and then the suspect suddenly lunged toward the center console. Fanion was able to quickly subdue Kasuba. The report went on to state that Fanion then observed the open center console which is where he found 300 bags of heroin.

Fanion then proceeded to search Kasuba, and it was said that he found an additional 23 bags of heroin in Kasuba’s pockets.

No other information is available at this time. Please follow The Westfield News for more information on the story.

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