Boston Police Officer rescues people from raging fire

BOSTON (CNN) – When flames broke out at a house in Massachusetts, a police officer nearby jumped into action, saving lives.

“The fire is raging you can hear it, it’s fierce. Very intense heat,” said Officer Luis Lopez, Boston Police.

Officer Luis Lopez didn’t know what he was walking into. He spotted the smoke and flames from the police precinct, got in his patrol car and tried to find where it was coming from. He says no one had even called 911 yet. He spotted a crowd outside this multi-family home.

“As I’m yelling at people to get back, now people are yelling back at me that there are people inside the house. I come in through this gate, run to the back door,” said Officer Lopez.

“Were you feeling the heat of this fire when you were in this space?”

“Absolutely.  Oh yeah, you could feel it.  The smoke was pretty heavy,” said Officer Lopez.

“But that didn’t stop you?”

“No, my main concern was that if anyone was in here that they got out. I remember forcing this door and going right in. When I end up in the kitchen I start looking around and I go, ‘Hello! Boston Police! Anyone in here?!’” said Officer Lopez.

No one answered but Officer Lopez saw a door closed just off the kitchen and forced it open.

“The door flies open and there’s a gentleman on the bed. I start going, ‘let’s go we gotta go.  The house is on fire.’  And he’s looking at me startled,” said Officer Lopez.

No one inside knew the urgency of the situation. Flames were shooting out the back but the two other people Officer Lopez encountered inside didn’t want to leave.

“They wanted to collect their belongings in a time where we had seconds to spare. You had to be the one who said, no this is serious, we have to get out of here. Yeah, we gotta go,” said Officer Lopez.

Officer Lopez still hadn’t gotten to the top two floors. Luckily, there was no one else inside and firefighters trained for these flames had finally arrived.

“I always wondered why firefighters went into a burning building.  Now I know, it’s not something you think about. You just react to the moment,” said Officer Lopez.

A swift reaction and a big rescue by a 20-year Boston police veteran, now with a flair for firefighting.

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