Best ways to avoid bears coming into your yard

Bird feeders and pet food attract bears

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been several bear sightings recently; at least two this week.

Bears are waking up hungry and wandering into neighborhoods. This week, a bear was sighted in backyards of both Chicopee and Ludlow. Wild Life society Vice President Joseph McDonald told 22News, bird feeders and pet food attract bears.

Pamela Sanborn of Westfield said she learned the hard way, “Last year we had a bear that destroyed our feeder and then, proceeded to go next door and into our neighbor’s garage and pull out all of his bird feeder, which was a fifty pound gallon.”

The best way to keep bears from coming into your yard is to NOT invite them.

  • Clean up dropped bird seeds, better yet, take down your bird feeder.
  • Don’t feed your pets outside.
  • Keep your garbage indoors, until trash day.
  • And clean your grill after cooking on it.

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