Young cancer patient honored by soldiers in Mass.

Each soldier personally thanking Christian

(CNN) – In Massachusetts, a young cancer survivor got a very vocal show of support. A military parade, in his honor, marching right up to his door.

Good news marched its way into Dorchester. It paraded up Washington Street, turned left onto Lynville Terrace and ended up at the front door of a clearly surprised Christian Lopez.

Army soldiers saluted the 13-year-old boy who battled and defeated stage four cancer. “We just wanted to thank Chris for battling one of the biggest battle ever in life,” said Mariana Shorter, Chris’ Aunt.

His Aunt, in the army herself, put the march together and couldn’t keep herself from tearing up. “Chris, I salute you, you’re a true, true soldier,” said Shorter.

The young soldier was then given his gear, “On behalf of the United States Army we present you with a pair of ACU’s which is Army combat uniform,” said Shorter.

He was also presented patches earned by these very soldiers here who fought for all of us. “These are all the different patches that all these guys have served in combat,” said Shorter.

And like a patch, the 13-year-old’s emotions were on display. Each soldier personally thanking Christian. He humbly reciprocated. “I really appreciate you guys coming out here to do this for me, I really do,” said Christian Lopez.

Not all soldiers wear uniforms, not all battles fought on foreign land. Christian Lopez soldiering through his own war and coming out victorious..

Christian’s cancer is in remission.

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