Secrets to saving on auto insurance

For starters, typically the more you bundle the less you pay

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — As you plan for summer vacations, you may be looking to trim your spending in other places.  A car is one of the most expensive purchases many of us will ever make. It’s important to protect yourself with insurance but you don’t want to overpay.

Which is why News 8 found out the secrets to savings from Nationwide’s Allison Heit-Tirozzi. “You can get the premium knocked almost in half,” she said.

For starters, typically the more you bundle the less you pay. Add in your life or home insurance if you haven’t already.

“You’re getting an auto discount with the home, you’re getting an umbrella discount with the auto and the umbrella, you’re getting a life insurance discount or retirement credit on the auto and the home. So the more that you have, the less you’re going to pay,” she said.

Or if you have good credit, some companies will factor that in. “I’ve seen $700 and they run the credit and the credit score knocks it down to $350,” Heit-Tirozzi added.

You could be eligible for savings if you have children on your policy who are away at college, if your students are getting good grades in school or if your cars value has dropped and you no longer need collision coverage. Many companies will even shave money off if you go paperless.

“(You could save) approximately $22 for 6 months, so that’s $44 for a whole year just by telling nationwide don’t send me anything in the mail,” she said.

These are discounts offered at Nationwide. Your policy may be a little different, but it doesn’t hurt to call and see if some of these, or other discounts apply.

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