Rescued bison calf euthanized

bison calf
Bison calf "rescued" by tourists at Yellowstone National Park put down after it park officials fail to reunite it with its mother.

(KECI) National Park officials have a warning: Don’t mess with the wildlife, or you’ll be fined.

The announcement comes after Yellowstone National Park officials say they were forced to euthanize a bison calf after tourists put it in a vehicle.

They transported it to a park facility because they thought the animal was cold. Rangers weren’t able to reunite it with its herd. The animal was euthanized because it kept approaching people and cars along the road.

Typically, a healthy calf will put up a struggle. The fact the visitors were able to lift the calf indicates something was wrong.

“It was weak, that’s why they would be able to catch it, or it was rejected … That’s why I knew something was wrong with that certain calf,” says Bitterroot Bison Company owner Troy Westre.

Westre said female bison are very protective of their young.

“If I walked out there and tried to touch one of them calves, the first thing when you touch it bellers; the whole herd looks up, and they’ll all come running to you, and you’d get killed instantly,” said Westre.

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