Caught on Camera: Woman fights off carjackers

Woman fights off carjackers and offers them help

(CNN) – A Georgia woman managed to fight off two attackers as they tried to take her car at a gas station. The 25-year-old was attacked by two teens late Saturday night.

In the northwest Atlanta gas station surveillance video, you see her hand off money to a homeless man and out of nowhere two teens in white hoodies pounce hold her at gunpoint beat her in the face.

Jasmine Warren, who was the victim, explained, “God had me. He surrounded me and I was so thankful for that, but I also knew I wasn’t going to let them take my stuff that this is mine and it does not belong to you.”

It appears she’s hopping in her car with the teens, the would-be driver has the gun in his lap.

Warren: “I tried to reach for the gun, grab the gun, but he grabbed me back down.”

She goes for the ignition.

Warren: “I just yanked the key down. Key broke into half.”

After stealing the car becomes a no-go they fight warren for her phone and take off.

Warren: “I almost got robbed. I almost got robbed. What made me not fear him was when I looked into his eyes and I could tell that he was afraid himself.”

Warren, who works with troubled teens, has a simple message, “If you need help, come find me. I would love to help you even after the fact that you’ve done that to me. I don’t care. I will still help you.”

Police are still searching for the two teen suspects.

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