Donald Trump’s controversial ‘shady’ associates?

Could this hurt him come November?

(CNN) – It’s a line-up of controversial characters and their comments are casting a cloud over Donald Trump.

84-year-old Anthony Senecal served as Trump’s butler at his mar-a-lago estate for almost 30 years. The secret service is now investigating him after he posted *this* on Facebook, saying president Obama: “Should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term.”

CNN called Senecal and he confirmed he wrote the post, which has since been taken down, but then he said: “I’d prefer he’d be hung from the portico of the white house, or as I call it, the white mosque.”

Trump’s campaign disavowed the comments and says Senecal hasn’t worked there for many years. It’s not the first time trump has been forced to distance himself from controversial individuals:

Trump: “Nothing in this country shocks me. I would disavow it, but nothing in this country shocks me.”

That’s Trump responding to Erin Burnett about a white nationalist super pac that made robo calls for trump in January saying: “We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote trump.”

Trump’s team was also forced to disavow a white supremacist who ended up on their delegate list in California. The campaign later saying it was a database error. The campaign fired political adviser Sam Nunberg back in August for posting racial slurs on Facebook and then there was an endorsement from the KKK’s former grand wizard David Duke.

Jake Tapper, CNN Reporter, asked, “Will you, unequivocally, condemn David Duke and say that you don’t want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election?”

Trump: “Well just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke, okay?”

Trump later blamed a bad earpiece for misunderstanding the question and took to twitter to disavow Duke. Former heavyweight champ and convicted rapist Mike Tyson threw trump his support.

Trump: “Mike Tyson endorsed me. I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike! Iron mike! You know all the tough guys endorse me I like that okay?”

Senator Ted Cruz: “I don’t think rapists are tough guys. I think rapists are weak, they’re bullies and they’re cowards.”

CNN Contributor Julian Zelizer said, “Part of it is he’s made his persona around being the irreverent candidate and saying whatever he wants, associating with whomever he wants. He might not do as well when facing Hillary Clinton in the general election and that’s when a lot of these comments and a lot of these connections, come back to bite.”

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