Prom night limo bursts into flames

NATICK, Mass. (WBZ) – A terrifying moment for a group of high schoolers on their way to prom. Their limo burst into flames while they were still inside. Luckily, they all got out safely.

A fun night with boutonnieres and bejeweled dresses took a fiery turn for some Natick High Schoolers. 10 of them on their way to prom, when it happened.

Alexander Goudsmit and his date Linnea Fitzgerald say some plumes of smoke inside their limo quickly grew into an out of control blaze, ripping through the ceiling of their limo.

“It started to get really big and it looked like it was going to explode,” said Goudsmit.

The shell of the limo and the driver’s charred jacket, evidence of his fight against the flames.

“I take my jacket. I try to blow on it to see what’s going on and it comes on fire right away,” said the driver.

Thankfully all of teens got out safely, barely a cummerbund out of place, and were picked up by another group of prom-goers.

“A trolley was driving behind and then one kid go out and he was like, come aboard,” said Goudsmit.

Much to the relief of Alexander’s parents.

“It is a happy occasion. I mean, let’s clarify. I mean nothing horrific happened so thank goodness, they’re going to be at the prom and they’re going to have quite the story to tell and you’ll have to come up with a different story,” said Tammo Goudsmit, Alex’s father.

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