Girl sets fitness record with 2,110 sit-ups

P.E. teacher, Bill Lentz, helped train her to reach that goal

(CNN) – There’s a 10-year-old girl in Missouri that knows a thing or two about fitness. In fact, she just set a fitness record you won’t believe. 2,110 sit-ups. That`s how many Kyleigh Bass did to break the national project fit America record.

Kyleigh: “My mom was behind the camera and then she’d hold my feet and switch with my papa.”

A third of the way there, Kyleigh hit a wall. The 10-year-old said it was her mom, Michelle Bass, who helped her succeed.

Michelle: “When she did it, I was so proud.”

Saturday, she showed up at Fox Hill elementary with a goal of completing 2,002 sit-ups. Just one more sit-up than the current record set at project fit America. It`s a nonprofit organization that encourages fitness across the states.

Kyleigh: “It`s a mind thing. If you think about it, you can do it then you`ll make it.” She was already on the board with 800 sit-ups, but she wanted to be at the very top.

So P.E. teacher, Bill Lentz, helped train her to reach that goal. He went onto say, “Just to watch her the other day. I mean, I like to think of myself as an active person, but I’m inspired. She`s my hero and hopefully I can work out half as hard as she does.”

One and a half hours later, Kyleigh set a new national record of 2,110 sit-ups. That rest is well-deserved.

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