Bill Clinton warns of GOP “smear” tactics

As other controversies rise to the surface, trump and clinton already taking constant aim at one another

(CNN) – Former president Bill Clinton is warning that a down and dirty presidential campaign could get even dirtier. And he says the Republican Party is to blame.

Bill Clinton: “This is just a replay of the same old ’92 playbook.”

Friday, Bill Clinton warning about a barrage of attacks he believes are coming their way.

Bill Clinton: “And believe it or not, I went through the same thing were doing today. Heck some of those right wingers were sending videos out accusing me of murder.”

But there are 24 years of new material since he ran for president,

And the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will surely find room for much of it.

Bill Clinton: One target is the Clinton global initiative.

The wall street journal reporting the non-profit charity helped a for-profit energy company partially owned by people close to the Clintons.

On the campaign trail, the former president had three words when asked whether he denied any laws were broken.

Bill Clinton: “Oh God Yes”

The journal says a two million dollar commitment arranged by the Clintons group helped start energy pioneer solutions in 2009 to help insulate people’s homes.

The energy company also received an 800-thousand dollar federal grant. It was founded by a former democratic congressional candidate in Nebraska and two close friends of the Clintons, Including Julie Tauber McMahon, who lives near the Clintons in Chappaqua, New York.

A spokesman for the Clinton foundation said no laws were broken, adding, “President Clinton has established many friendships and professional connections. It is not surprising many of the same people make a difference and improve the world” with the Clinton Global Initiative.”

The Clinton foundation has long been the subject of questions about donations it received from foreign governments and corporations. Including while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Trump seized on this story Friday.

Donald Trump: “Wow. it’s a bombshell. there’s no doubt about it.”

A bombshell or not, he’s suggesting the clinton charity is almost certainly future political fodder.

Donald Trump: “I assume you put the word ‘charity’ in quotes.”

As other controversies rise to the surface, trump and clinton already taking constant aim at one another.

Hillary Clinton: “I have to tell you how concerned I am with what I hear Trump saying. I have said that he is a loose cannon.”

Donald Trump: “Crooked Hillary. Remember Crooked Hillary. Bad judgment.”

In a new chapter of the campaign that’s just beginning.

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