Ware Town Manager: Every year gets harder to fund town projects

The Ware schools are operating at a deficit

WARE, Mass. (WWLP) – About 100 people attended Ware’s annual Town Meeting Monday night. Residents gathered to hear town officials discuss the fiscal 2017 budget.

Town Manager Stuart Beckley told 22News the Ware schools are operating at a deficit; “Right now the town is funding the schools at about 700,000 over the state.”

One resident, Matthew Leber, was concerned about transparency; “I want to make sure there’s accountability. Who is going to be reviewing those accounts? Who is going to be accountable for the money? How is it going to be handled by the city?”

After the fire chief explained that the brush fire vehicle is over 30-years old, residents voted to transfer $10,000 to fix it up.

With town revenue and state funding, when you take into consideration what the town owes, Ware breaks even according to Town Manager Beckley.

The town discussed increasing the police budget, but residents only had the opportunity to approve a payment to repave the police parking lot.

The Town of Ware is also hoping to apply for a state grant to help the town go green.

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