Changing markets grow opportunities for temporary jobs

The growth is also attributed to the anticipated wage raises

Image: Thinkstock

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Temporary jobs are becoming more popular. Nearly 3 million people are employed in temporary jobs, and that number is expected to grow almost 6 percent as companies aim to be more nimble in changing markets.

Hiring temporary employees is helping businesses sidestep talent gaps. New research from CareerBuilder shows that companies are starting to tap into the temporary labor market, with temporary employment expected to add over 173,000 jobs in the next three years. For workers, temporary positions allows them to develop various skills, build relationships in various organizations and explore career options.

Rachel Kopacz, from Holyoke told 22News, “I’m working at Mosaic Cafe down the street and I was working at another cafe in Holyoke which is a short term relatively position but in the long term I’m looking to ultimately make a career for myself.”

For many temporary workers or contractors the benefits are still being provided on a certain level by employers.  And with the reform in healthcare over the last several years they are able to afford it on their own or find assistance.

The growth is also attributed to the anticipated wage raises, where some states are aiming to make it to $15 an hour.

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