Building a better GPS

Researchers at the University of Texas are working on a new GPS system that can accurately pinpoint your location within inches.

(KXAN) Imagine a GPS that can place you within a centimeter of where you are located on a map. This type of accuracy would not only help keep you and your family safe, but it could potentially help drivers navigate the roads better.

It’s called precise vehicle positioning and it’s 100 times more accurate than your standard GPS. University of Texas professor Todd Humphreys has been working on the project for four years.

“Our goal is to do a lot better than regular GPS. Regular GPS gets you good to within ten feet, we want to get you within inches,” says Humphreys.

Currently, this type of precise GPS is used mostly by surveyors–at a high price tag. That’s where Humphreys and his students come into the picture. They are working on making this type of precise GPS for a cheaper price ($50 instead of $5,000, the current going rate for centimeter-accurate GPS receivers), therefore making it more affordable for the mass market.

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