Pet of the Week: Athena the Ferret

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In today’s edition of Pet of the Week, we introduce you to Athena, a 2-year-old female ferret. Lee Chambers from Dakin Humane Society tells us all about Athena.


Athena is a 2 year old female ferret. She is bonded with two males, Cornelius III (3 years old) and Oliver (1 year old), and they all need to be adopted together. All three of them are fixed, and they co-exist very nicely (that’s why we’re insisting on them going to a home with each other). They came to us because they were in a house with two additional ferrets who were older, and it was too overwhelming for the people to have to care for that many of them.

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More about ferrets:
General info:
Ferrets make wonderful pets! They’re smart, fun, interactive and they love playing with toys
They should have lots of time outside their cage every day
They are recommended for older children, as they could scratch or bite if handled roughly
They tend to sleep a lot, as much as 16 hours a day
They’re social animals and like to meet new people
Like dogs and cats, they require vet visits for vaccinations
They should receive baths on a regular basis
They can walk on a leash and be litterbox trained

Food/diet info:
Dry ferret food that is high in protein should be your pets primary diet
Moist canned food can also be substituted occasionally
There are a variety of commercial pet foods available
An assortment of treats to add some variety to your pets diet

Cage info:
Ferrets needs a cage at least 36 x 24 x 24. This is the minimum size necessary but you should get as big a cage as possible
Ferrets are active and while in the cage you want your pet to have lots of room to play
Soft rugs, carpet or blanket for bedding on the bottom of the cage
Get a heavy ceramic food bowl or a bowl that can’t be easily tipped or chewed and a stoppered water bottle that attaches to the side of the cage
A sleep area like a hammock, sleep sack or soft tunnel
Lots of toys to keep your pet entertained while in his cage – VERY IMPORTANT – they like tunnels, chew bones, ping pong balls, playhouses, tents, and lots of other toys
A litter box with a high and low end filled with your preferred type of litter. Litter made from recycled paper is a clean, safe choice

Other Events

Free TNR Workshop
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