How to wear your inner sparkle

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Fashion allows us the opportunity to reflect our personality through outfits and accessories. How can you wear your inner sparkle on the outside? Terry Standish, the Fashion Doctor from joins us to share ways to find our inner sparkle.

Finding Our Inner Sparkle

We could all use a little more sparkle in our day, wouldn’t you say?

1) Mining for Diamonds Within
Sometime it may seem like a magical thing that just happens by chance. Yet we have more control over it then we often realize we do. We usually aren’t looking to find it or re-create because we aren’t really thinking about it. Now that we know we can help to create it by harnessing and expressing that sparkle from within we will have more control of it and more importantly we now have a new intention to mine for it/find it.

2) Start Where that Sparkle Begins
It begins within us, within the genuine feelings of joy that ignites the sparkle with in us. This is how the energy grows into that beautiful uncontrollably glow we are talking about. We don’t actually make it happen but we carefully feed the sparkle to give us the opportunity to experience those feelings again so it can grow inside of us naturally. A perfect side effect to our happiness. When we begin to get in touch with what triggers and feeds our happiness from the inside we can begin to build on that each and every day so we feel more alive from the inside.

3) Recognizing All Facets of Us
When we begin to be more present to how we are actually feeling in all areas of our lives we are beginning to polish those facets of the diamond from within so they can continue to sparkle and attracted even more light to them. This begins with us getting ready and doing the simplest of tasks for the day. Are we present and open finding joy so it will naturally radiate, grow and glow in and around us or are we attracting emotions that aren’t as attractive in us or on us. It starts with a practice of us being aware.

4) Accenting Your Sparkle
Wearing anything but what we love will always leave us feeling less than lackluster. When we are enjoying the process of anything, including picking out our clothing choices we are able to connect to what is what makes us feel good, feel alive and therefore allows us to step outside the box to be more little daring.

5) Your Clothing Speaks Loud and Clear
The inner sparkle grows from highlighting our personality and originality of taste rather than focusing on designer labels, price tags or dressing based on parts of your body. Try dressing to meet your mind-body-heart-soul of you. If our choices only feel O.K., you will only feel ok when wearing them. Keep in mind we wear our feelings about us and our mood as much as we wear our clothing.

6) Our Clothing Might Also Block It
Our clothing can become more like a shield that hides our sparkle too. It can distract from who we are so it because more like a costume, camouflage or uniform to look like everyone else. Abusers will try to steal our sparkle by not allowing their victim to wear things that allow them to sparkle or be noticed so we don’t want to do that to ourselves because it is just as hurtful to us when we do it to ourselves.

7) Measuring Up
We are more than a mannequin that we dress up and has no feelings. We have a visual connection to our personal taste whether we are disconnected from it or not our soul feels it. By embracing all parts of you and your originality is how you keep the spark of taste and connection to you. You are the only one you need to measure up to.

It’s the feeling of being more alive that adds an extra bounce in our steps and adds added interest in being around us. Our sparkle may even linger after we’ve left and yet may be hard for people to pinpoint what it was about us that made them felt drawn to you. Harnessing it is being about being able to feel the feeling, have fun with it and always hang onto your inner sparkle.

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