Fiber optics brings e-commerce to the world

(CNN) – Where are you watching this video? The United States? Europe? Asia? It’s a cliché to say we live in an interconnected world, but we do.

The global circulatory system that delivers 99% of international data from point A to points B through Z and back again is made of fiber optic cable.

Unlike copper cables, which transmit electrical energy, fiber optic cables transmit light.  That makes them significantly faster and less susceptible to interference.

Fiber optics trump satellites, too. They’re cheaper, they’re faster, and you don’t get those delays.

Fiber optic cables are buried deep underwater, over 300 of them connect every continent not named Antarctica and laid end to end, the 550 thousand miles of cable would circle the earth 22 times and boy is that good for business.

E-commerce isn’t bound by borders. An international stock trade can be executed in a flash.  You can video conference with colleagues in Florida, or France, or Fiji.

You need to get in touch with that it department in India ASAP? Not a problem. Take a ride on the global fiber optic network and offices wired with a fiber optic network allow for speedy data sharing.

So we here at CNN can send our videos from one edit suite really fast and consider this: Thanks to fiber optic cables, innovations aren’t bound by bandwidth.

Remember trying to stream a video in the old days? Brutal.

Do you think Netflix would have worked with that type infrastructure? I mean, would you even be watching this video?

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