Does heavy marijuana use lead to a shorter life?

(CNN) – Cannabis has come into the mainstream like never before, but could heavy pot use mean a shorter life?

A recent study followed thousands of men and suggests the answer could be yes.  As marijuana continues to be decriminalized or even legalized in parts of the United States a new study is taking a look at possible health repercussions from heavy pot use.

Swedish researchers looked at more than 50,000 men who did compulsory military training in that country from 1969 to 1970 and followed them until 2011.  In that period about four thousand of the study subjects died.

According to researchers, those men who were heavy cannabis users in their late teens were 40 percent more likely to die by age 60 than those who never used the drug.

Furthermore the study’s authors say they found higher percentages of suicide or death by accidental injury in the subjects who were heavy pot users in their teenage years.

Researchers say the results are merely a suggestion and that they couldn’t take into account other factors that may have been involved with the men in their years after they were in the military.

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