Ted Cruz elbows wife, internet pokes back

(CNN) – Ted Cruz dropping out of the race is big political news, but the internet is focusing on the more awkward moments of his concession speech.

When fans of Ted Cruz say “Cruzin for a bruisin” they do not mean bruising Cruz’s wife. But when Ted announced he was suspending his campaign, his wife Heidi was the one he poked and then elbowed in the head.

Inspiring headlines like “love means not accidentally elbowing your wife in the face.” the video went viral as a guilty pleasure, slow mo-ed, and made into countless gifs…With sound effects added…

And even a wrestling announcer’s voice.

Tweeted one critic “why would Ted Cruz notice he accidentally bashed his wife’s head in? He didn’t notice when another woman fell off the damn stage.”

That would be his short-lived running mate, Carly Fiorina, it was Ted’s wife who did notice and offered a hand. Back to the elbow.

Cruz was aiming to hug his father, and after elbowing his wife, it turned into a group hug. “This is exactly what a real threesome is like” noted a commenter on gawker.

Ted Cruz may have elbowed his way out of the race, but you’ve gotta hand it to the guy. That hurt.

What Cruz and Fiorina did with their hands was almost painful to watch. From a distance it just looked a little awkward, but close up.

A buzzfeed editor tweeted it will “haunt you to the grave.” actually it was more haunting when Raoul Castro tried to raise President Obama’s hand and the president resisted. Better a limp wrist than a sharp elbow.

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