Clinton & Sanders focus on taking down Trump

Sanders vows to continue until the last delegate is decided

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton visited state leaders on Thursday in California, where voters go to the polls on June 7th. She’s trying to hold Donald Trump to his controversial primary positions, tweeting out a video of Trump saying, “We’re going to have a deportation force…I will get rid of gun free zones in schools…My first day, it gets signed.”

The video also highlighted the discord in the GOP, “He is a con artist…A phony…Donald Trump is a know-nothing candidate.”

However, Clinton is fighting a battle on two fronts, as Senator Bernie Sanders vows to stay in the race at least 6 more weeks; “We’re going to stay in till the last vote is counted, and that will be in the primary in Washington, D.C.”

Bernie signaled Wednesday night that he’s ready to back off his criticism of Clinton and save his attacks for Donald Trump. He said, “Trump does not become president because the American people will never elect a candidate who insults people every single day in incredibly ugly ways.”

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An assist to the democratic frontrunner, as speculation swirls about who she’ll tap for a running mate. Clinton Said, “I think the most important quality is that this person could become president in literally a moment’s notice. There is no more important quality than that. And I intend to, you know, take that very seriously and find the person that I would have the confidence in to be a good partner with me, but most importantly to be a really good president for America.”

Many point to Senator Tim Kaine. He’s well liked in party circles, he speaks Spanish fluently and he’s the former governor of the swing state of Virginia. But there are other contenders from a new generation of democratic leaders.

There’s young and charismatic Julian Castro, the former Mayor of San Antonio and President Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Also, Tom Perez, a favored pick of the Democratic Party’s left wing, a civil rights attorney now serving as the Secretary of Labor. And New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who became famous as the Mayor of Newark for responding personally to requests from voters, even if they were to fill potholes.

All have stumped for Clinton since she declared her candidacy.

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