Video: Girl falls out 4-story window and survives

The 7-year-old girl is described as non-verbal

(CNN) – The video above is the surveillance video that has hearts stopping and neighbors insisting it was a miracle she got back up. Daniel Castro, 13-year-old neighbor, said, “I know for sure that god did that, and god is there and he works in mysterious ways.”

2 o’clock Monday morning, a 7-year-old autistic girl somehow got out of her 4th floor window and fell to the concrete ground below. It happened on the 2200 block of Andrews Avenue in the University Heights section of the Bronx.

Castro heard the thump and thought it was garbage being thrown out the window until he heard her cries. He helped her back inside while his mother called the police. “I had to go through my window, and when I seen her, she was limping, she was very weak. So what I did was I put her on my arm, and I brought her to the house.”

The 7-year-old girl is described as non-verbal. Neighbors believe she may have tried to follow a kitty named Prince. 8-years-old Destiny Matthews said, “She loves kitties and she was probably just trying to rescue him.”

The child was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Her sister did not want to talk about the fall; “Me and my family just want privacy.”

Police are investigating what happened. No charges have been filed at this time.

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