Instead of playing the “woman card,” now you can own one

The woman card, don't leave home without it, whether you're Hillary or the Donald

(CNN) – If you think the Donald accusing Hillary of playing the “woman card” is all talk, check out the actual “woman card” Hillary’s campaign is sending out to anyone who donates.

When Trump first said it last week, “The only card she has is the woman’s card;” Hillary fired back, “If fighting for women’s health care is playing the woman card, then deal me in.” That line ended up on the card the campaign says brought in $2.4 million in donations in 3 days.

Then there were a bunch of internet jokes. One was captioned, “When you’re trying to use your #womancard to get into the subway.” One cartoonist portrayed Trump as the joker, one woman card entitles you to longer bathroom lines, and a mock ATM card pretends to give women only $78 when they try to withdraw 100, unequal pay.

Stephen Colbert opted to pull out, “The man card…Allows you to explain things to women about women.”

However, there’s something I wish someone would explain to me. Can’t we all at least agree on whether or not to use an apostrophe? Well you can quote a writing expert as saying drop the apostrophe.

Director of the Columbia University Writing Center, Sue Mandolson said, “There is no correct answer, but common usage is similar to the race card, then it be the woman card.”

The woman card, don’t leave home without it, whether you’re Donald, “She’s playing the woman’s card and give me a break,” or Hillary, “Deal me in.”

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