“The Huntsman: Winter’s War”

A Look at the Movies

Rated PG-13

1 Hour 50 Minutes

Charleze Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Years from now, when you recall your disappointment with “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” you’ll still be asking, “was this sequel really necessary?”

Snow White’s dysfunctional family engage in more sibling rivalry over who’s the fairest of them all.

The mirror on the wall doesn’t reflect much originality. For a guy who can’t act with much expression, muscular Chris Hemsworth can certainly dazzle the women.

Since the writers knew that Ice Queen Emily Blunt would do little to excite the audience, they devoted too much time developing characters seemingly more at home in “The Hobbit.”

Only occasionally does scornful Charleze Theron show her truly nasty side.

Did we really deserve Chris Hemsworth practicing his hard-to-understand Scottish brogue on Jessica Harper, who has no business wasting her time in the company of an actor of such limited ability?

Since I’m in a charitable mood, the kids might enjoy the special effects, especially the Ice Queen turning everything she touches into a hockey rink.

But dramatically and emotionally, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” skates on too much thin ice to work much magic with 2 stars.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, “The Huntsman’s” got to be one of the saddest sequels of them all.

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