Volunteers come together to clean up Springfield

Piles of collected trash began to fill up

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday was the great American cleanup in Springfield, where volunteers got together to clean up the city. 22News was there to find out what made this event so special for some.

Ivetter Herandez, from the Board of Keep Springfield Beautiful, told 22News, “This is our environment. This is what we breathe, and we need to keep our environment clean for us and for our younger generation.”

The Lower Liberty Heights Community Action Team, or LLHCAT, came together Saturday with Keeping Springfield Beautiful, to help clean up the Springfield and keep it safe.

Keeping America Beautiful is a nationwide organization; Keeping Springfield Beautiful is an affiliate of that organization. Cleanup day for Springfield is on the last of day of April of this year.

There were five different staging spots throughout Springfield where these organizations came together to pick up trash. Glowing green shirts, representing the group, filled the streets in Springfield, representing the cleanup that was taking place.

Galdeys Rivera, Secretary of LLHCAT, was in awe of the turnout. “This collaboration is the best turn out we’ve ever had, we want to keep our streets clean and safe.”

Besides keeping the streets clean and safe, and promoting awareness, it meant a little more to some of the volunteers. Jessica Viruet, from Springfield, told 22News, “This is special to me because we have a lot of kids in this community that like to help out, and we’re always doing different things and try and help the community and show we can actually do something in Springfield.”

Piles of collected trash began to fill up as the city became cleaner throughout the course of the morning.


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