Teacher fired, accused of catfishing student

Teacher accused of catfishing students

(CNN) – District leaders announced Thursday they are moving swiftly to fire Gilroy High School teacher, Douglas Le, less than 24 hours after he was arrested on charges of luring high school boys to send him nude photos of themselves. Investigators say Le was “catfishing”, a process in which he assumed a fake online persona to gain the trust of young boys.

Sgt. Brian Spears, from Silicon Valley internet crimes against children task force, said “He had taken on a female persona with the intentions of obtaining or soliciting illicit images from male students.”

Le was arrested at Gilroy High School where he taught A.P. science classes, but San Jose detectives who investigate internet crimes against children say le used his home computer posing as a woman to meet underage boys. More than 500 of them including current and former Gilroy students. Investigators now trying to unravel whether Le was just after nude pictures or sex as well.

Sgt. Brian Spears: “Turn every leaf over and if that’s contacting all 500 children then so be it we take this act extremely serious and we won’t stop until we have an answer.”

Le was hired by the district three years ago, but not long after starting he was already in trouble. Disciplined for sending inappropriate texts to a girl in the 10th grade. Superintendent says the matter was investigated at the highest level. Le was disciplined, but allowed back in the classroom. Superintendent says cases completely unrelated and nothing back then to send up any red flags.

Deborah Flores, Gilroy District Superintendent, explains, “We thoroughly investigated the matter and we took the harshest disciplinary action we could take based on what we learned about that incident. It was not about inciting minors, which is the current issue that we’re dealing with.”

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