State of the Race

Trump holds a huge rally in California, Cruz realizes it's do or die in Indiana, Sanders shifts focus, and Clinton takes a couple of days off the road.

(NBC) – It got rowdy outside Donald Trump’s California rally late last night.

Police in riot gear arrested 20 people while inside, Trump blamed crime on immigration. “What the hell is happening? [“Build that wall!] We’re gonna build that wall, folks. We’re gonna build that wall,” declared Donald Trump, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Fights follow Trump rally in Southern Cal, about 20 arrested

Trump leads in Indiana – they vote Tuesday. John Kasich is on the ballot but isn’t campaigning there.

He now says he considered dropping out after Tuesday’s losses, but decided to stay in the race. “If that doesn’t take me to the road to victory so be it. Because I’m not going to lower the bar. I’m not going to disappoint my friends,” said John Kasich, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Ted Cruz admits Indiana could be a game changer if Trump wins. “The Hoosier state that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff,” said Ted Cruz, (R) Presidential Candidate.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is shifting his focus from Hillary Clinton to the Democratic Party. “The Democratic Party has to reach a fundamental conclusion: are we on the side of working people, or big money interests?” Bernie Sanders/ (D) Presidential Candidate

Clinton’s been largely MIA on the campaign trail this week.

She posted a video and is fundraising off Trump accusing her of playing the woman card.

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