Police expected to have a busy weekend in Hampshire County

Hobart Lane looks like the partying has already started

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – In Amherst, this is the last weekend before graduation at UMass; that means the last opportunity to party. Then, in Northampton, the annual Extravaganja is expected draw more than 10,000 people.

Two concerns, two communities. Before UMass students grab their diplomas, they’ll likely grab a beer or two. UMass Spokesperson Ed Blaguszewski told 22News, “Just because students gather to party, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As long as they do it the right way and there is not too much noise or difficulty.”

UMass isn’t expecting problems, but they are ready if there are. (Where are the biggest party places?) UMass Senior Victoria Stewart replied, “Uhh, normally the townhouses, like Hobart and all those areas, where they have the day drinks and all that stuff.”

On Hobart Lane, it looks like the partying has already started on the last weekend leading up to graduation. There’s a chance that UMass could revive an old party tradition called the Hobart Hoedown, which hasn’t happened since 2008 when 25 students were arrested.

UMass Junior Mike Lichtenstein, who lives on Hobart Lane, said, “Based on the history, I can assume that as the kids say, ‘It’s going to be pretty lit.’” 22News found one student wearing a hat vowing to “Make Hobart Great Again.”

In Northampton, the annual Extravaganja pot smoking festival comes to the Three County Fairgrounds. It’s expected to draw more than 10,000 people. Police said they’ll be issuing discretionary marijuana citations and will make sure nobody is too high to drive.

Northampton Police Capt. John Cartledge said, “We will have two officers who are drug recognition experts and are highly trained in that area, so if there are questions on someone’s sobriety, we will certainly call them to the scene.”

The Northampton Police will have help from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. Amherst Police will have help from UMass.

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