North Korea missiles: What’s the rush?

Although a South Korean government official described Kim's leadership as, quote, seemingly unshakeable"

(CNN) – Kim Jong Un seems to enjoy his job. The North Korean leader is frequently filmed smiling and joking with generals during military drills, but the intensity of missile and nuclear tests this year alone suggests he’s a leader in a rush.

Gary Samore from Harvard University said “I think Kim Jong Un is making decisions that damage North Korea’s interests. It seems to me he’s needlessly antagonized the Chinese and the Chinese are responding in a way that is very unusual”.

Ignoring calls for restraint, Pyongyang may well have made Beijing’s decision to support stronger sanctions easier.

It’s no secret north korea’s main benefactor is not happy but president xi Jinping has made it clear he will not allow tensions to spiral out of control.

The workers’ party congress is now just one week away, believed to be a chance for Kim Jong Un to tout his achievements and solidify his power.

Although a South Korean government official described Kim’s leadership as, quote, seemingly unshakeable”.

President Park Geun-Hye says the next thing we could expect is nuclear test number five, adding at the beginning of a national security meeting Thursday: if the Kim Jong Un regime carries out another nuclear test despite warnings from the international community, it will have no future.

Paula Hancocks from Seoul explains, “North Korea has a dual track policy and the pursuit of a strong economy alongside a strong nuclear program. Experts say the fact he has little to boast about with the country’s economy might be one reason he’s focusing so heavily on nuclear.

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