Teen hires prostitute, blames it on burglar

(CNN) – An Oregon teen is facing charges for hiring a prostitute, all because his mom called the police to report cash missing from her nightstand.

It’s a short call to 911 made by the mother of 18-year-old Ethan Kwon, reporting that this woman, caught on surveillance camera, broke into their home on southeast Cortona way in happy valley and stole cash from her nightstand.

“it videotaped her going in at 12:53 and coming out at 1:01.” “this afternoon?” “yes”  “I just have some money missing that was in my small cash box,” She reports her son was even home when it happened, “but he had headphones on with his room door closed, so he was not aware.”

Now Happy Valley police say that’s not what happened at all.  They say it turns out, the woman seen going inside isn’t a burglar she’s a prostitute the teenager hired.

His mother, calling police, had no idea.  Now, police say it’s 18-year-old Ethan Kwon facing charges of filing a false report and patronizing a prostitute.

Police are still working to identify the woman in the surveillance video.

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