Prince Death Investigation: Did he overdose?

Investigators have hinted there may not have been time to give Prince Narcan, at the time of his death

(CNN) – There are new, disturbing details into the death of Prince. The music icon was found dead in his home last week.

Just days before his death, he pushed himself to perform with two concerts in Atlanta. He’d suffered from a bad hip, often seen carrying a cane.

Thursday night, new information that Prince was also carrying some powerful pain drugs, at the time of his death.

A law enforcement official telling CNN: authorities found prescription opioid medication on his person and in his Minnesota home.

The official says, nearly a week before his death a reaction from the medication likely caused an emergency landing of Prince’s private plane in Illinois when the pop-star passed out.

Controller 1: “What’s the nature of the emergency? What’s the nature of the condition?”

Controller 2: “An unresponsive passenger.”

The law enforcement official says in that incident, Prince was treated for a possible overdose of the medication. He was later released from a hospital and returned to Minnesota.

Opioids are effective for pain, but there’s a prescription-drug overdose epidemic in America that has experts worried.

Dr. Daniel Lieberman, George Washington University said, “The biggest risk is overdose, causing respiratory suppression. We know that when we take these people become drowsy, because they slow down the activity in different parts of the brain. If it slows down the breathing centers too much, people stop breathing, and that’s what kills them from an overdose.”

It’s not clear where Prince got the medication and whether it was prescribed to him.

Experts say there’s an antidote to opioids called Narcan, which could have saved Prince after the emergency landing.

Dr. Daniel Lieberman: “It can reverse an overdose extremely rapidly. The key is though, you’ve got to get the Narcan in them in time.”

Investigators have hinted there may not have been time to give Prince Narcan, at the time of his death.

Sheriff Jim Olson, Carver County, MN said, “All of our officers carry Narcan. We’ve been carrying that for approximately two-years, and that was not used at all.”

And there may not have been anyone else there to revive the pop-star. The sheriff says Prince was alone inside his 55-thousand-foot home, Paisley Park, when he died. But at some point, someone got there and called 911.

911 Call: “Rescue needed for a medical at Paisley Park. Person down, not breathing.”

Friends, and those who worked with Prince, have told news outlets they don’t remember him being on any medication. His lawyer says Prince wasn’t on any drugs that would be cause for concern.

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