New Amazon service to compete with Netflix

(CNN) – It’s going to get more expensive for you to Netflix and chill.  Next month, for some subscribers, prices will go up, but there may be a new streaming service that competes with Netflix and it’s cheaper too.

Netflix is rewarding its longtime customers, kind of.  Starting in May some people will see a 10 dollar a month charge for Netflix’s most popular plan.

Depending on how long you’ve been a customer, you’ll see an increase of 1 to 2 dollars, loyalty matters.

The longer you’ve been with Netflix the more you’ll wait before your price options change.  Netflix is calling it un-grandfathering.

The company says you’ll get an email before you owe more and the new fee will happen sometime this year.

Netflix also has a cheaper plan, but it comes with restrictions.  Such as only one person on the account at a time or streaming only in standard definition.

If you don’t like the change there are competing services.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will have a new streaming service for $8.99.

Not only is it a dollar cheaper than Netflix’s most popular plan, but the service will be stand-alone.

Meaning you don’t have to sign up for prime, Amazon’s free shipping membership.

No matter which plan you pick or how you stream a little competition between companies could mean more savings for you.

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