Millions in your tax money will repair WMass bridges and roads

It's part of MassDOT's nearly 6 billion dollar Capital Investment Plan.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Millions of dollars of your tax money will be spent to repair roads and bridges in western Mass.

From his hot dog stand on Maple Street in Holyoke, Robert Espinosa notices how the traffic lights bring out the worst in people. “Saying expletives to each other, and almost fights, all kinds of crazy stuff happens,” Espinosa told 22News.

Just a block away on Maple and also on High Street, broken traffic lights are becoming dangerous.

“There’s been quite a few accidents. I say 30 at least and the same thing starting to happen over on the lights on Maple and Suffolk.”

$3.5 million dollars of your tax money will be spent upgrading lights at 15 intersections on Maple and High Streets. It’s part of MassDOT’s nearly 6 billion dollar Capital Investment Plan.

In MassDOT’s plans for Fiscal Years 2017 to 2021, $13 million has been designated for bridgework on Lyman Street in Holyoke, but already in 2016, necessary bridgework there has already begun. It’s a temporary fix until the structurally deficient bridge is replaced in 2018.

More than $28 million will be spent on bridges in other places in western Massachusetts: $22 million on Route 147 over the Westfield River in Agawam and West Springfield and $6.4 million on Bridge Street over Mill River in Williamsburg.

A combined $11.8 million will be spent on road reconstruction in West Springfield, Northampton and Williamstown. Drivers say it is all money well spent.

“If they actually fix them right, instead of just patching them,” said John Velez. He said he had to replace flat tires caused by torn up roads.

You can find a full list of infrastructure projects here. MassDOT Capital Investment Plan.

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