Man behind wild Massachusetts police chase apologizes

The defendant who appeared fearless a day before was quite sorrowful in court

WALPOLE, Mass. (CNN) – Michael Leblanc said, “I didn’t mean to hurt nobody,” while entering Wrentham District Court on Thursday.

Michael Leblanc (Image Courtesy:
Michael Leblanc (Image Courtesy:

What a difference a day makes. The 28-year old Abington man was wearing the same “fear is for others t-shirt,” as the long list of charges was read. However, his demeanor was much different than you would expect from someone accused of dragging this police officer with his car and leading police on this erratic chase down route 128.

Police said it all began at a golf course where Leblanc dragged Officer Matt Crown 300 feet. From there, police said Leblanc was running from officers, speeding, swerving a car and even spinning out on Route 128.

Mass. police officer dragged about 100 yards during speed chase

Leblanc eventually stopped in West Roxbury where his car burst into flames. He was arrested there. Police said he may have had a death wish. “He actually asked the officers, what he had to do to be shot by police,” said Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael.

After court, his father and mother said nothing about the wild accusations; “No comment.”

The officer dragged suffered minor injuries.

Walpole high speed police chase (Image Courtesy:
Walpole high speed police chase (Image Courtesy:

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