Jet Blue pilot accused of flying drunk to JFK

JetBlue pilot accused of drinking on the job

(CNN) – Serious allegations against a commercial airline pilot. Authorities say the man was drinking on the job while flying a Jet Blue flight.

When Dennis Murphy junior came out of Brooklyn federal court, CBS’s Alice Gainer demanded answers from him about charges he was drunk while piloting Jet Blue passengers.

Prosecutors say after it landed safely Murphy was picked for a random alcohol test. The criminal complaint states his blood-alcohol level was 0.111, which is over the legal limit. Court papers reveal he was tested again 15 minutes later and allegedly blew a .091.

According to the complaint, Murphy said the results must have been “…caused by the gum that he was chewing.” A likely witness for the prosecution is Murphy’s copilot for two flights that day who told investigators both times Murphy was “drinking an unknown beverage from a cup.”

Murphy, who lives here in Ramsey New Jersey, was released on $50,000 bond. Passengers at Kennedy airport don’t like hearing any of this. Jet Blue says it has a “zero tolerance” drug and alcohol policy and confirmed Murphy no longer works there, saying he resigned.

The federal aviation administration says 225 commercial airline pilots tested above the legal blood-alcohol limit since 1995. Daniel Rose, aviation attorney and pilot, explains, “Pilots are ingrained to know that they should not mix alcohol and flying at all.”

CNN spoke on the phone with aviation attorney and pilot Daniel Rose who says the problem is likely far worse than people realize.

Rose: “For everybody that gets caught, there are obviously others that are getting by.”

Murphy began working for Jet Blue in January of 20-15 and resigned after the alcohol test in April. Just a few months after he was hired. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.

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