Hidden message found in Louisiana high school yearbook


PORT BARRE, La. (KLFY/MEDIA GENERAL) — One Louisiana mother is speaking about discovering a disturbing message in her child’s high school yearbook.

The message, found in the Class of 2015 yearbook from Port Barre High School, can only be read when a light shines through the back of the page. A black photo of the school’s mascot was used to camouflage the hidden message.

“Here’s just a few words to describe your first year of high school. You are not cool. Everyone does hate you,” the message reads.
Superintendent Edward Brown said once a staff member learned the message was in the book they went through every book to cover the message. However, the students figured out a way to see through what was there.

The mother, who does not want to be identified for fear of backlash, says the message is degrading to freshmen. The message starts: “Dear freshmen, congrats on being the lowest of the low.”

She adds what’s concerning is the message made it inside the book and passed staff in-charge of overseeing its contents. Port Barre High School currently has an acting principal. The mother says she doesn’t blame him because he wasn’t at the school when it happened.

“In my mind this is a form of bullying. Telling them they are the lowest of the low. It just got my mind blown,” she said. “My thing was, why not just replace it instead of covering it up?”

Brown extended a sincere apology, noting the incident happened under a previous administration and saying the current staff is working to ensure another incident doesn’t happen again.

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