Record number of guns found in carry-on luggage

73 guns found in past week, 68 of them were loaded

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP)– The Transportation Security Administration has found a record number of guns in travelers’ carry-on luggage this week.

Nearly two million travelers pass through security checkpoints in airports throughout the nation every day.  Along with those travelers, roughly one and a half billion carry-on bags are screened by the TSA in a single year.

In just this past week, the TSA found the highest number of guns stowed away inside those carry-on bags- with a total of 73 guns found.  The TSA says 68 of those guns were loaded.

22News asked travelers at Bradley International Airport their thoughts about the volume of discovered guns. “That’s a disturbing number to me.  That’s absolutely a higher number than I would have anticipated or thought, because to me it’s a pretty well known fact that you can’t take a handgun through airport security,” said Adam Hunkins, who was about to fly to Minnesota.

“It’s very disconcerting and it’s scary!  It’s comforting to know they are being found, but then you do question what isn’t found, what might make it through?”  said Louis Tuccitto, an airline traveler leaving Bradley.

Some airline passengers told 22News that these kinds of findings remind them to be patient when going through airport security.

“Absolutely! They can search all they want.  It’s a security, you feel safer, and I’m okay with that,” Robin Smith said, who talked to 22News before boarding a plane to Florida Monday morning.

Some of the airports where the loaded guns were found included two in Boston, four in Atlanta, and another five at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The TSA says before this week, the highest number of guns found in a given week was 68, back in October 2015.

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